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Dry Brushing: The What, Why & Best of it

There’s only one thing I can think of, “Old is Gold,” and it fits perfectly for what we are discussing in this post. Dry brushing is an ancient practice and has become quite popular these days, even among supermodels, and Miranda Kerr, one of the supermodels, also swears by using dry brushing to achieve glowing skin.

Now you must be wondering what it is about dry brushing that’s making all the fuss, right? So sit back and relax as we go through what dry brushing is, how it benefits your skin, and the best dry brushes you should try your hands on.

The What

Dry brushing is a method of scrubbing your skin with a firm, bristled brush from toe to head. And it’s done without using any sort of scrub or liquid substance — both your skin and the brush should be dry, hence called dry brushing.

Many great cultures, including the ancient Greeks and the Japanese, used this technique to enhance their beauty. This ancient practice is still used in Ayurvedic medicine to date and has become somewhat of a trend lately. It’s a simple DIY treatment you can perform at home in under five minutes and saves you a lot of money and time that you would ordinarily spend at a spa.

The Why

Wondering why you should use dry brushing? Check out the benefits below:

  • Helps in releasing toxins- dry brushing helps with removing toxins and relaxing your body.
  • Exfoliates- the coarse bristles of the brush help remove dry, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and increases skin cells turnover, leaving you with soft and smooth skin.
  • Relaxing- the process is very much similar to massaging, which helps in relaxing your body.
  • Cellulite- there’s no proven way of getting rid of cellulite, but dry brushing’s effects being similar to massaging plumps your skin and can reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Circulation- dry brushing makes your skin more radiant by stimulating blood circulation, so if you see red skin after dry brushing, that’s the sign of increased blood circulation apart from irritation.

The Best of it

So now that you know all the great benefits of dry brushing, check out our handpicked list of best dry brushes

Belula premium dry brushing set

The Belula premium dry brushing set is an excellent choice for restoring the natural beauty of your body. It’s perfect for exfoliating, reducing cellulite appearance, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating the lymphatic circulatory system. It’s made from premium quality, natural bristles that work smoothly on your skin. It’s an Amazon favorite with a 4.7-star rating out of five, and the best part is that Belula offers a 2-month satisfaction guarantee. So if you feel that the brush isn’t comfortable with your skin, don’t sweat as you have got yourself covered under the “Belula Care 100% Satisfaction Program”.


This one’s an Amazon favorite and has an extra-long handle, making it perfect for dry brushing your back. It’s two-sided, one soft and the other with stiff bristles. The soft nylon bristles can be used as a loofah while showering, and the stiff bristles are ideal for dry brushing. There’s also a non-slip rubber patch on the wooden handle for better grip, accompanied by a hanging rope at the end. You can grab one of these from Amazon for $9.

C.S.M. Body brush

The C.S.M body brush is also an Amazon’s choice with natural bristles and a real wood handle. This round palm-sized brush fits perfectly in your hand plus the soft massage nodules among the bristles keep you from pressing too hard while soothing muscles at the time of brushing. Also, the sturdy bristles stimulate your blood circulation effectively and provide you clean and freshly-scrubbed glow. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around; furthermore, the canvas strap on the brush means hanging on to it is no sweat. You can purchase the C.S.M body brush from Amazon for $10.

Pursoma Detox Beauty Body Brush

The Pursoma Detox is a great vegan option, as it’s made from ethically harvested jute fiber that is Non-GMO, SLS, Paraben & Dye-free, Gluten-free, and Cruelty-free. It has a unique u-shape and bristles covering the whole shape, making it easy to brush over large areas of your body. Additionally, the soft bristles of the jute body brush aren’t rough on your skin and will make you feel invigorated. With the price tag of $25 on Amazon, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will give you the finest results.

Dry Brushing Body Brush Set of 2

This Dry body brush set of 2 is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It’s ideal for both wet and dry brushing and is made of first-rate 100% natural bristles. It offers features like humidity resistance and is very gentle to the skin. The package includes one round dry brush with rubber nodules, one oval detachable brush head, and one 16.5 inches long wooden handle. It also has elastic bands on each brush to provide you a better grip while dry brushing. The cost of getting your skin rejuvenated with this body brush set of 2 is $12 on Amazon.

Dry brushing is the best way of exfoliating, rejuvenating, revitalizing your body every morning, and uncovering the natural beauty of your body. You can pick any one of the brushes that suit you from our list and get started on the ancient practice of dry brushing.

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